Itinerant Music Teachers

Currently Wainui School has 3 itinerant teachers. Each music teacher has their own charge rate and teach either in groups or  take individual leesons. Lessons are within school hours. Lessons are negotiated with  the classroom teacher and the music teacher as to the best timimg. Please keep your own payments up to date and ensure yourself you have informed the teacher if your child is going to be absent on their day for a lesson

       Teacher  Instrument taught     Day in school                                               Contact details
Maria  O’Flaherty  Vocals,Guitar, keyboard                      ph 0210325287

ph 09 426 7986

Pete Warren  Drums  Monday , Tuesday                                              ph 0210485493
Ross Hutchinson  Guitar  Tuesday, Wednesday                                                           ph 0273507544

Pete Warren plays at BIG NUI – March 2014