Kauri Home Learning

On this page you will find the current homework tasks for the children of Year 8 – Kauri class. They are set on a Monday and are due back to school for marking the following Monday.

As well as these tasks, it is expected that the children learn their spelling words and also read a minimum of 15 minutes a night.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Irvine or send him an email at jirvine@wainui.school.nz


Week 7, Term 1 – Home Learning Tasks

Quiz – Week 7, Term 1

Reading – St. Patricks Day

Writing – Week 7, Term 1

Maths – Statistics, L2

Maths – Statistics, L3


Week 8, Term 1 – Home Learning Tasks

Quiz – Week 8, Term 1

Reading – Marcel Marceau

Writing – Week 8, Term 1

Maths – Measurement L2

Maths – Measurement L3